Sunday, May 22, 2016

Fables of the Green Forest

Hello everyone. Sorry for the big hiatus, I should have said something but I didn't thought it would take this long. I should be releasing a new episode of Anne soon.
I decided that it's impossible for me to work on so many series at the same time, expecially when I not only have to work on a factory during the week, I also have to work some weekends. I get home tired and have little time to do subtitles. So I decided that instead of subtitling a lot of series at the same time, I'm going to finish Anne first, then Dog of Flanders and then after that I'll start working on Little Woman and Tom Sawyer. I also had plans for Tico of the seven seas but I can't promisse anything with that one right now.
But today I want to announce that the series Fables of the Green Forest is being
shared on you tube with dubs in English and Spanish, and with subtitles in English, Romanian and Dutch. It's being shared and subtitled by Kai & Peter. I helped subtitling 5 episodes but everything else it's all thanks to them.
When they finish everything I'll share a torrent here, but for those of you who are interested in checking out some episodes right now, you can watch them here:

Fables of the Green Forest

You can also go the web site of the project to get some more info:

Monday, December 7, 2015

Flone 41-50 is back

So I went to the store and asked for my computer back before they touch anything, then I followed Panino Manino instructions and was able to get most of my work back. Thank you very much Panino Manino and also everyone else for all your help. thanks to you all I was able to save a lot of stuff that I though was lost forever. I'm really grateful :D

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Terrible bad news.

Terrible bad news. After I finish Flone and upload it I went to sleep. When I woke up this morning My laptop had crashed during the night, so I turned off and went to work as usual. After work I tried to turn my laptop on but the windows doesnt start. Even on safe mode. I tried to search the net but I can't do anything about it. Tomorrow after work I will go to to shop to try to get it fixed. But I may have lost the entire Flone series. If it comes to that I hope I can count on you guys to help me get back the Flone episodes I did so far. As for the last 10 episodes, if the worst come to pass, I may have to do everything again. In any case, I'll keep you guys informed on the events.